Lizzie Dyson: BBC Sports Persona refresh in 6 weeks Lizzie started her talk by showing us the ‘before’ pictures of uninspiring personas for the BBC Sports site. They were DULL, and needed an urgent facelift. The information contained in the personas was factual and adequate, but needed to appeal to a discerning online audience, thus began a 6-week process to refresh the personas. The […]

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Nour Alomary: Everyday digital security finance loans aberdeen sd Nour spends a lot of time on public transport, where she sees many people using technology. She has had ample opportunity to learn strangers’ passcodes, as they type them in slowly in public! Luckily, Nour is not a criminal, and used her experience to help the audience stay safer online. Her useful advice included an […]

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Viv Slack: If you build it, will they come?

how to manage payday loan debt The theory behind ‘Giving Events’ is simple: you do something, other people enjoy it, they donate money to a worthy cause. Viv researched existing platforms, but couldn’t find anything that bridged the gap between organising events and giving money. Her top tip when setting up something new such as this was ‘ask friends for help!’ […] payday loans swipe and go

Verity Stockdale: Tech and language chase mazda car loans “What have technology and language got to do with each other?” Verity explored the complex relationship between these seemingly distant topics. Repurposing language is far from a new thing: in fact neologisms have been giving language purists trouble since at least the 16th Century! As new technology develops, language needs to adapt to adequately describe […] are business loan origination fees deductible

Paula Moughton-Weems: Making the impossible possible

lower interest rate of student loans Paula Moughton-Weems spoke about her journey into the field of tech (beginning her talk with a description of her journey across an actual field!) From humble beginnings, Paula knew she wanted to have an impact on people’s lives, but did not follow the traditional university route into tech. She met people who worked in software, […] short term loans in alberta

Rachael Ball: What does a digital project manager do? 5 minute window into my world bank of missouri home loans Rachael used clear graphics and imaginative illustrations to show us the various aspects of her role as a digital project manager. She took us through the process of driving a project, from balancing the expectations of all the parties involved in the project to juggling the timescales and workload across concurrent projects. She showed how […]

Gemma Sou, Viva Voce: a new social network for social scientists how does 0 apr work for car loans Gemma Sou spoke about how she developed a new social network which enables research students to disseminate their work across the academic community. While studying for her doctorate, she reviewed her online profiles, but couldn’t find an existing network to share her work that didn’t read “like an online CV”. She decided to set up […]

Speaking line up for Ada Lovelace Day event become a loan officer in colorado We’re really looking forward to heading to Manchester next week for the second time. We’re running a special Ada Lovelace Day event with Magnetic North and the BBC. The speaking line up is looking fabulous, and new names still being added. Our host and compere for the night is the fabulous Elizabeth Clark, founder and […]