300 Seconds is a series of talks by and for the digital community. We believe that digital is better when we can learn from the brilliance of the many, not just the few. With our events we hope to give our peers, and in particular women, a means of gaining confidence and experience in speaking in public.

Why 300 Seconds?

The under-representation of women at technology and digital conferences is a well-documented phenomenon for same day payday loans. There are many reasons for it, but two of the most common we hear are that women lack confidence in speaking, and that conference organisers tend to ask those who’ve spoken at other events, meaning we often hear from the same people.

Your organising team, having had this discussion many times, decided it was time do stop talking and do something practical. We wanted to give new speakers space to practice and develop the confidence they need.

Standing up in front of an audience for half an hour can be daunting even to the seasoned pro. But five minutes – just 300 seconds – well, that’s not so hard, is it? And so the idea was born.

But 300 Seconds isn’t just for our speakers. By opening up speaking opportunities to the full diversity of experiences and opinions in our industry, we can give audiences opportunities to learn more about the personal and professional passions of our peers.

So sign up to speak or grab a ticket to listen, learn and support up and coming speakers.