We are thrilled to announce the line up for our next event in London on 14 January. Take a peek and book a ticket:

Charlotte Spencer on her experiences with depression and mental health

Debbie Davies on her skillz with electronics, stabbyman, and where it is taking here

Jill Hodges on the resources available to support techie kids

Rhiannan Walton on facing your fears and overcoming the Lizard Brain

Bhulla Beghal on his new film about a deaf woman in India

Laura Osborne on the rules of rugby

Kate Sandall on the other woman

Paul Brannigan on public speaking

Holly June Smith on Typos, Trolls and Celebrity Retweets – Lessons Learned from 5 Years on Twitter

Helen Armfield on Six times Nine = the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Stephanie Migot on moderating online communities