The first 300 Seconds event took place on a rainy Tuesday night in mid May – and it was all kinds of awesome. We had around 70 attendees and 12 excellent speakers who truly met our brief (“interesting… but short”).

Lily Dart


Do read the blog round-ups from Rachel MillerEmily Webber and Martin Belam, and check out the photoset from official photographer Alex Jackson.

Martin also wrote up some of the individual talks:

All of these, together with his intro, are available as an e-book for Kindle, iPad/iPhone or as a PDF. Thanks Martin!

What happens next?

Opening the event, Hadley summed up our aim neatly when she said we want to move to a world where we hear from the brilliance of the many, not the few. Each of our speakers did a sterling job of informing and engaging our audience, and we hope that some of them go on to do the same at other industry events.

But to help they – and others – get there, we know we need to do more. Over the past month the organising team have been out spreading the word about 300 Seconds at events such as Housing Camp and OpenTech (presentation from the latter is available on SlideShare)

At both of these events, as well by via email and Twitter, we’ve had useful feedback on where we can take 300 Seconds. That’s broken down into a few themes, and we hope to pick up on all of these:

  • Holding more events: We’d like to do this, and will look at organising another soon. We already have speaking proposals coming in for the next one – if you can help with venues or sponsorship, get in touch.
  • Website resources: Some of you said you’d appreciate some more info on how to present or respond to a call for speakers. We’ll look at how we can pull together some more resources.
  • Identify more opportunities: Many of you said you never hear of calls for speakers. We’ll look at ways we can publicise some of these more widely across our network
  • Mentoring: We’re looking at how we can pair experienced speakers with those who are new to it for mentoring.

That’s a lot to be thinking about, so we’re working through all of this as quickly as we can. We’re all extremely busy with our day jobs too, so if you’re waiting for us to get back to you – don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you and will be in touch soon.

If you’ve got any ideas, or can help us organise the next 300 Seconds event, do drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

Photo credit: Alex Jackson