Anna-Lisa Wesley from sponsor Accenture spoke at the Women in Tech meetup on 12 November on how she helped to build a team of digital creatives.



With over 275,000 people globally, Accenture had a large pool of talent to draw on. So, when questioned on the value that digital could bring to the Financial Services industry, the UK business drew upon the company’s existing, mobile-enabled collaboration hub to unlock the potential at their fingertips.


Inspired by the well-known ‘Scrum’ approach, Anna-Lisa and the @[FS Scrum] team set up an internal concept incubator that reached people of all ranks in all parts of the company, and allowed members to participate, collaborate, and vote for projects in which to invest and develop.


Anna-Lisa told the 300 Seconds audience how, using the FS (Financial Services) Scrum ‘factory’, they developed four client-facing concepts in a little over six weeks, and attracted 32 new ideas, with the collaboration site trending as the most popular circle in Accenture globally by week six.


But what were the main lessons Anna-Lisa and the team learned?


  • Be rough and ready – seize the opportunity and solve problems as you go along.
  • People want to be part of a team and work collaboratively – being inclusive is essential.
  • Get disruptive brains in a room, this diversity drives creativity.
  • Reuse and recycle – bring good concepts together to maximise the impact.
  • Invest in good ideas. If you have ideas  that make it into the  @[FS Scrum] factory, invest in them to make them happen.





As her final thought, Anna-Lisa noted the recent commentary about the ability for large-DNA firms to innovate, and posed the question: imagine what could happen if you awaken the creative side of the 275,000… what difference might digital then make to the industry?


We’ll find out after the next six week sprint…

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