Becky has worked for BBC R&D as a Research Technologist for three years. She comes from an electronic engineering background and currently works on technology for interactive TV experiences. She also writes a blog called Microchicks with her friend and colleague Rosie.

Becky Gregory-Clark

Rebecca’s talk was about a project she was involved in, which interpreted weather-based tweets in order to give users accurate local weather forecasts.

She explained how the bot watched for tweets to BBC weather and extracted pertinent words denoting location and when the forecast was for. It then converted this information into a string of data to “feed” to the BBC weather automated service, then took data from there and translated it into user-friendly language, choosing from a range of phrases to add at the end of the tweet to add the “human touch”.

The soft launch for this service is due at the end of November, with the full launch in 2014.

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