Catherine escaped the dull world of Corporate IT Support. in favour of the Science Museum. She loves working where there’s moon rock, space rockets, Spitfires and steam engines. She’s also a lover of Sloths, Soreen, coffee and being happy.

Catherine Jones

Catherine took us through the process of creating an interactive exhibit to explain how a real artefact (a 1920s Crystal radio) operated.

The artefact was too delicate to be handled by the public, so she built a larger, sturdier prototype model to work with.

The radio was tuned by moving a crystal along a coil of wire to the desired frequency, and here Catherine hit a snag: In the 1920s, there was only one frequency of radio broadcasting in any given area. She got round this by thinking laterally. Different areas broadcast at different frequencies, so she set up the interactive exhibit to show on a map which areas the frequencies pertained to.

The exhibit got great feedback, and will be on show in the Science Museum next year.

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