It’s simple. Send us your presentation idea.**

Then prepare a presentation, timed to 5 minutes. You can use slides (or not).  We’d love it to have some sort of digital angle but if not, hey, that’s cool too. Then submit it to us via the form below and we’ll get back to you about scheduling you into our next event.

Jenny Sivapalan

We’re looking for 10 to 12 people to present at each event. If you don’t get a slot on the first event, don’t worry – you’ll be first on the list for the next event.

 **Please remember:

  • our events are for people working in digital who are inexperienced speakers – our aim is to give people the confidence and experience to progress in their careers atv parts. If you are an experienced speaker or professional and want to support us in some wayget in touch!
  • your talk can be on anything – something you are working on at work, a side project you are involved with or just something you have a geeky interest in
  • your talk should definitely not be a sales pitch for a product, service or tool you work on