Sleepio were one of the generous sponsors who supported our Women in Tech meetup. They event sent along one of their own to try public speaking herself, on technology and health.


Marketing and PR professional Rosie Gollancz is part of the team behind Sleepio; a new online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) programme clinically proven to help users sleep well without having to resort to pills or potions. And she used her platform at 300 Seconds to discuss the potential for technology to improve health.

Rosie quoted recent statistics from Credit Suisse that estimates the wearable technology market is going to be worth some $50bn over the next 3-5 years, and argued we’re soon going to be bombarded with personal devices that track our sleep, exercise and calorific burn. Further down the line, these devices will be able to talk to users, detect stress levels and measure body fat – but while there’s a revolution on the cards, Rosie says there’s a need to recognise how this data can be used for improvement. After all, it’s easy to record data, but it’s what you do with it that counts.

Sleepio uses an engaging interface that features a friendly professor and his narcoleptic dog, and Rosie showed 300 Seconds how the programme works with users to overcome sleep problems, and uses data to measure sleep patterns and work out how to help people achieve a better night’s rest.

But won’t these new devices be restricted to a young, techy crowd who are accustomed to using newfangled devices? Not according to Sleepio’s research. Rosie citied recent data from a clinical trial that showed Sleepio was effective across a study group featuring subjects from the ages of 16-80, and that even the most technological naive got great results from using the programme.

And don’t just take Rosie’s word for it – the world’s leading medical journal, The Lancet, is also a fan, and published a commentary on the clinical trial that called Sleepio: “a proven intervention for sleep disorders using the internet… from www to zzz.”

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