Are you passionate about UX? Have you had the same accessibility rant 10 times over? Do you have an urgent need to talk about why the hamburger menu is a terrible idea?

If you’re an inexperienced speaker and have a passion, rant, or specialist interest, then we cordially invite you stand up and be heard at Talk UX in Manchester this coming March.

Each speaker will have 5 minutes to speak about any UX, design or digital related topic. As an added bonus, speakers will also receive a free ticket to the full Talk UX event!

If you’d like to speak at Talk UX please send us your talk proposal.

One thought on “Talk UX – 5th March 2015

  1. Hi!
    I spoke at an event in November at ODI. I have just bought a ticket for Talk UX in Manchester and saw you’re running a session there? I’d love to do refine my five minute talk on progressive enhancement that I did in London and do it again.

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