First up was the lovely Victoria Sorzano (BBC), who confidently led us through a fascinating synopsis of the life of Ada Lovelace, as the event was held on Ada Lovelace Day.

1. Ada Lovelace was a pioneer, the first person to write a computer program, working closely with Charles Babbage.

2. She was the daughter of Lord Byron, though he left when Ada was young and she was brought up by her mother.

3. Ada’s mother encouraged the very intelligent Ada to pursue studies in Maths and Science, and steered her away from the arts, though Ada showed her creative side in the elegance of her computer algorithms.

4. Ada died of cancer aged 36, though her life was not all plain sailing.

5. She was known to have had affairs, and was clearly dissatisfied with elements of her life.

Victoria talked about representations of Ada Lovelace in comic and graphic novels. One was The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage. The second was a graphic novel series “Goth Girl” (Illustrated by Chris Riddell) featuring Ada as the character “Ada Goth”.